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About Us

Computational Design Technologies (CoDeT) Engineering was founded in 2008 in Delft, the Netherlands as a consultancy. The company's general business is structural analysis, design and optimization, with a focus on composite structures. Two of the main fields of expertise at the company include; industrial design of structures with steered fibre laminates and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of composite structures.


The company has the unique expertise, industrial experience and in-house commercialised design tools for optimum design and manufacturing of non-conventional composite laminates with steered fibres. These novel laminates have experimentally shown significant improvement in terms of weight and performance compared to the laminates with optimum straight fibres. The major activities in this field include custom software tailoring, development of in-house analysis, design and optimisation tools for composite structures and the application thereof to analyse, design, manufacture and verify (in cooperation with partners) real components. Current clients include aerospace companies and the company is seeking new opportunities in the automotive and wind energy industries.




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