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Company Profile

CoDeT (Computational Design Technologies) BV is an innovative engineering R&D company in Delft that adopts state-of-the-art structural optimisation techniques to develop practical design tools for industry. The company was founded in Delft in 2008, under the law of the Netherlands.

Our primary business is structural design and optimization, employing mathematical programming algorithms as well as new state-of-art algorithms such as genetic algorithm and cellular automata. The design optimization algorithms are always integrated with state-of-art Computer Aided Engineering ( CAE) methods, such as FEM.

Custom software tailoring, development of in-house design and optimisation tools for composite structures and the application thereof to design, manufacture (in cooperation with partners) and verify real components, is one of the fields of expertise in CoDeT.

The company is or has been involved in industrial design of steered fibre structures funded by large aerospace companies such as Fokker, ApATeCH and Aerocomposites. Application of fibre steering is further implemented by CoDeT in some projects such as TAPAS 2 (Thermoplastic Affordable Primary Aircraft Structure 2) and the CleanSky MOSKIN (Morphing Skin with a Tailored Non-conventional Laminate). Additionally, the company has been involved in Structural Health Monitoring of composite structures in the CleanSky WISMOS (Wireless Integrated Strain Monitoring and Simulation System) project. Other partners in these projects include NLR, University of Patras (Greece) and Delft university of Technology.  

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