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Multidisciplinary Design and Optimisation

CoDeT has extensive experience applying optimization technologies to solve practical engineering problems.

  • composite materials
  • finite element structures
  • power electronics
  • welded structures
  • cost and/or weight minimization
  • maximize performance
  • consider manufacturing constraints
What is design optimization?

Typical engineering systems are described by very large numbers of variables, and it is the designer's task to specify appropriate values for these variables. Skilled designers utilize their knowledge, experience, and judgment to specify these variables and design effective engineering systems. Because of the size and complexity of the typical design task, however, even the most skilled designers are unable to take into account all of the variables simultaneously. Design optimization is the application of numerical algorithms and techniques to engineering systems to assist the designers in improving the system's performance, weight, reliability, and/or cost.

Optimization methodologies can be applied during the product development stage to ensure that the finished design will have the high performance, high reliability, low weight, and/or low cost. Alternatively, optimization methods can be applied to existing products to identify potential design improvements.

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