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(Thermoplastic Affordable Primary Aircraft Structure 2), January 2014 - January 2019


Description: Thermoplastic composites is a technology area in which the Netherlands has a recognized leading position in aerospace. Airbus has indicated that thermoplastics is a serious candidate technology for large scale composite applications in future aircraft programs. Airbus wishes to continue the existing cooperation, as in the current TAPAS project. In order to exploit this opportunity, a follow-on project to the current TAPAS project is needed. TAPAS 2 aims to position the Dutch industry for future Airbus programs as well as opportunities in smaller aircraft, such as business jets. The project expands on current knowledge and opportunities. Specifically, technology for fuselage structure, pylons and wet box structures will be developed. Also, technology for reducing time-to-market and non recurring cost will be developed. CoDeT will contribute in designing fibre steered thermoplastic parts and developement of technologies related to fibre placement of thermoplastic materials.


partners: Airbus, Fokker, Aerostructures, Ten Cate Advanced Composites, DTC, KVE Composites Group, Airborne Technology Center, Technobis Fibre Technologies, KE-works, NLR, Delft University of Technology and the University of Twente.  







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